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Wild Horses in Black & White

If more people understood the true reward and could grasp the real meaning, no mustangs would ever want for a home.

Fred Woehl, Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Member

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With virtually no natural predators, wild horse and burro populations can double in size every four years if left unchecked.

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As part of its mission to manage and protect healthy wild horses and burros on public lands, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regularly monitors herd size and health, land health, and forage and water availability.

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Nearly 82,000 wild burros and horses share the range with other species and activities, which is almost three times the target population size.

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More animals remain unadopted or unsold than ever before.  Nearly 45,000 wild horses and burros are fed and well cared for in off-range pastures and corrals at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $50 million per year.

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Bring home a wild horse or burro today and own a symbol of America's wild herds.  To view our selection of wild horses, please click here.

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